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North Dakota Trucking Accidents: 701-484-2150

Helping you Recover from Catastrophic Personal Injuries


James E. Dorman has successfully assisted clients successfully: 
- Negotiate Prosecutorial Discretion
- Win Political Asylum
- Win Cancellation of removal for LPRs and non-LPRs
- Negotiate Administrative Closure
- Win Family Based Petitions leading to LPR status
- Acheive Citizenship (converting LPR status to citizenship)
- Win I-601 Waivers
- Obtain Tourist Visas 
- Obtain Refugee Status
Win BIA Appeals 
- Win individual hearings
- Respond effectively to NTA (notice to appear)


James E. Dorman successfully has assisted clients:
- Register new businesses with States
- Obtain EIN and tax information
- Draft management/operating agreements for LLCs and corporations
- Assist in buyers and sellers in purchasing and selling restaurants and other entities
- Protect assets through court proceedings
- All manner of business litigation

Liquor Licenses

James E. Dorman has successfully assisted clients:
- apply for and obtain new liquor licenses
- purchase existing liquor licenses
- fight liquor license revocations/suspensions, etc.

Let James E. Dorman, LLC put their experience to work for you.  Call us at 208-562-9140 or 701-484-2150 for a consultation.

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